This site exists to showcase the fractal images that I produce, as well as to provide some of my fractal images as backgrounds.

Fractal Images

Blatte's Fractals contains most of the images I have done over the years that I feel are good enough to show other people. Occasionally I discover a gem from the past while looking through my parameter files, but generally most of the images added to that page are recently created.

Images (except for those in the 'Post-Processed' Gallery) have not been post-processed, IE, (significantly) modified after rendering in the fractal program, although I have added a signature graphic to identify the images as mine and made changes to the gamma of the images using a median gamma in order to make the images viewable on the widest variety of computer platforms possible. More information about gamma and why it affects the way you see pictures on your computer can be found here. This correction effort is not always successful, so some images may appear too dark on your screen (affects mostly PC and Unix users) or light and desaturated (affects mostly Mac and SGI users). The graphics format PNG is supposed to be the fix for gamma issues, however issues with colour profiles (see my rant about colour profiles) and the larger file size of 24-bit PNG files (a 24-bit PNG is approximately 3-4 times the file size of a good quality JPG of an equivalent resolution) makes them impractical for every day use. So while JPGs are a less ideal format, they are the only practical option at this time. I make every effort to keep the compression artifacts to a minimum, but they are there and likely will be visible to those of you who have brighter displays. If the background of this webpage appears black to you, you are seeing my images darker than I intend.

If you would like more information about how these images are created, have a look at the Resources Page. There is also some long rambling commentary.


Backgrounds range in size from 800x600 pixels through 2560x1600, covering most standard and widescreen resolutions, including resolutions for most of the Apple Cinema Displays and powerbooks. Images are rendered/created at the largest size listed (or larger), and then reduced in size to the smaller resolutions, not the other way around. All images are high quality JPGs. Unfortunately this leads to rather large file sizes, so this portion of my site is not recommended for those faint of bandwidth. If you are just looking to browse through some of my images, try checking out Blatte's Fractals.

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