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This page contains a number of extra backgrounds in limited or specialty sizes.

The Turbulence Backgrounds are the results of a little doodling in KPT Turbulence, and are now available in a variety of sizes.

The old fractal galleries have been shrinking as the fractal images get moved over into the "official" galleries on the front page of Blatte's Backgrounds, with the most popular (most downloaded) images first. If you came here from a search engine looking for a particular image and it's not here, try the main backgrounds galleries as it may have moved there.

A new gallery of 40 PSP backgrounds (480x272) has been added.

Blatte's Picks

Blatte's Picks Gallery 1 (10 Images)

iPhone Backgrounds

Gallery 1 (60 Images)

Turbulence Backgrounds

Gallery 1 (28 Images)

PSP Backgrounds

Gallery 1 (40 Images)

Gallery 2 (40 Images)

Old Fractal Backgrounds

Gallery 1 (23 Images)

Gallery 2 (22 Images)