Program: Apophysis 2.01
Comment: There is something rather odd about the way Apophysis handles this image. I didn't notice it until I went back to re-render it for a 2560x1600 background, but the version that appears on the website does not appear to be a true reproduction of the actual image. For some reason, just once, it rendered out with the "wing tips" in a different shape, and I can no longer reproduce it exactly, even with the same program version and same machine as it was originally rendered on. However, the variation is relatively slight, so I have left all the versions of the image that were posted before April 2007 as they are, and posted the 2560x1600 background even though it has minor differences. Compare the 1920x1200 version to the 2560x1600 version to see what I mean. This image is available as a background.