Apopysis Gallery 19

January 8, 2007

As I mentioned elsewhere on my site, I stopped using Apophysis in about April 2006 when version 2.03c expired on me. I hadn't realized it was a beta version, and all subsequent versions were also beta versions with expiry dates. This was unacceptable to me, as occasionally older images no longer render correctly in newer versions of the program, and the nature of my business requires that I be able to re-create my images in different sizes and formats, something the development team doesn't seem to be able to comprehend. Their attitude is that it's a free program, so take it and shut up (to put it bluntly). While I appreciate their development efforts, this is not a model that I, as a commercial artist, can work with. However, I have started up again with Apophysis after Joel Faber released a variant version of Apophysis without an expiry date (thanks Joel!), and now I'm able to explore some of the wonderful new features of a more recent build of Apophysis. You used to be able to get Joel's version of Apophysis here, but it seems to have been moved or removed.

Let There Be Light

The Sweetest Notes

Life in Plastic


Silver Shadow

Hyper Limit

Eternity In A Moment

Twisted Emotions



Crimson Depths

Eirene (Dream of Peace)

Pebbles on the Shore of Light

Along the Starry Way

Falling Spirit

The Teeth of War

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