Program: Apophysis 2.0 Beta 21
Comments: I think this image is the most CPU intensive image that I have currently published. In April 2007 I re-rendered this image at 2800x2100 pixels to make it available in all background sizes. This render took 120 hours to complete on a 3.4GHz Intel box. What makes it even worse is that this image is one of a handful of Apophysis images that was made in the beta version of Apophysis 2 and it does not render correctly in any more recent version. As the Apophysis 2 beta did not support multi-processor renderings, it means there's no point in using a multi-core machine to render it. I find this unfortunate as this is one of my favorite images, and I would love to have a large print of it. This image is available as a background.