Ultra Fractal Gallery 5

October 19, 2003

The images in this gallery are all (moderately) deep zooms from the Mandelbrot Set, made in Ultra Fractal 3. No modifications have been made to the formula, and with one exception, each image is only a single layer. These zooms are not as deep as I would eventually like to go, however I am currently using a pIII 400MHz which is just not really capable of handing arbitrary precision in any reasonable time frame. Some of these images took more than two weeks to render (at 1920x1200 pixels or larger with anti-aliasing). I don't so much mind waiting for a completed image to render, but when it takes 10-20 minutes for a 320x240 pixel preview to draw on screen, getting anything done becomes an exercise in tedium. Plans for a much faster machine are underway.




Angel Lights

Remember Tears

Black Velvet

Blue Outpost


Red Octavo




No Place for the Cross

Ribbon Grass

Sunken Treasure

Cross of Fire

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