There are many many fabulous fractal artists out there - this is an abbreviated list of some of my favorites. Seeing the wonderful images on these and other sites inspired me to keep working on my own images. Links are in random order, and all links will open in a new page. For more fractal sites, see the Fractal Resources section.

I don't do link exchanges, so please don't ask. All links below are included on the basis of merit, not mutual backscratching.

Algorithmic Worlds Fabulous tapestry-like images created in Ultra Fractal by Samuel Monnier
Fractals by Jos Leys Unusual fractal types, Kleinian groups, spheres and knots, made in Ultra Fractal
Fractal Reality Richly textured and beautifully coloured fractals made in Ultra Fractal by Jennifer Page
Dan Kuzmenka Dark visions of beauty created in Ultra Fractal
Wizzle Striking fractals created in Ultra Fractal
Aartika! A large number of excellent images created in Ultra Fractal
Alice Kelley Rich and vibrant images created in Ultra Fractal and Apophysis
Fractalfreak Simple elegant mandelbrots and buddhabrots made with custom software
Janet Parke Lovely complex images created in Ultra Fractal
Dreampaint A bewildering array of fractal flames, Ultra Fractal images and animated fractals
Fractal Dimentia Beautiful Ultra Fractal images and fractal flames by Mark Townsend
Kerry Mitchell Distinctive images and unique fractal types

A very short list of other art-related sites.

Other Art
Mojoworld Galleries Ever-changing galleries of realistic and surrealistic landscapes
Galerie Sublimato The Transfigurative and Esoteric art of A. Andrew Gonzalez
Abstrakt Photography B&W, colour and surreal digital infrared photography by Frank Lemire
Chihuly Glass Complex and beautiful glass sculptures by Dale Chihuly
Northern Images Photography Beautiful landscape photography including desktop backgrounds