Colouring Methods

All the previous images are basic fractals with no colouring methods being applied. As you can see, fractals even in their basic form are fascinating, but adding colouring methods allows the artist to enter a whole new realm of creativity. Below are two images, which use exactly the same basic formula as the very first image of the Mandelbrot set, except that now each one has a different colouring method applied.

See a larger image - 1024x768, 176K
This image is using a colouring method called "Orbit Traps", which in this image is similar in look to the "Thorns" colouring method in Fraxplorer. You should recognize the same basic shapes in many of the images in my Fraxplorer galleries.

See a larger image - 1024x768, 316K
This second image is using a colouring method called "Gaussian Integer", and creates a very different look. In these two images, you can still see the basic outline of the fractal, however if I was to zoom in or off to the side, you would probably not be able to tell what fractal formula I was using.

See a larger image - 1024x768, 98K
Lastly, I've applied a colouring method to the last Julia fractal on the previous page; this time the "Bubbles" method. Again, Fraxplorer has a very similar colouring method and if you've already looked at my fractal galleries, the shapes should look familiar to you.

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