Fraxflame is a very different program, both in how it operates, and in the look of the images that it produces. In both Fraxplorer and Ultra Fractal, as with most fractal programs, you choose a formula, modify the formula by giving the program different values when it calculates reiterations, and then (optionally) apply a colouring method. Fraxflame operates more like controlled evolution, and produces images that often mimic closely many shapes seen in the natural world, such as feathers, leaves, clouds, nebulas, frost and fibres. The user is presented with a random selection of fractals when the program is opened. You chose an image, select the level of "genetic mutation" desired, and then have the program regenerate another selection of fractals based on the fractal you have chosen. There are no colouring methods in Fraxflame, although you can choose some basic types of flame fractals to work with. If you chose a high level of mutation, the resulting fractals will not closely resemble their "parent". If you set the level too low, they will all look identical to their parent. Some of the images I have created have gone through more than 50 mutations between the first 'interesting shape' that randomly appeared and the final image. For example:

pre Phoenix
This is the original "parent" image. The colouring adequately shows off the detail, but could be a little less muddy, and the image itself isn't very refined. The parameter set for this image is available for download on the Fraxflame Parameters page.

This is a mutation of the image above. You can still see the resemblance, but now the fractal shape has been evolved and refined, and the colours are much more pleasing to the eye while still showing off the fractal nicely.

Aurora's Fan
This is another finished image derived from the first image, although this time I have zoomed in on the fractal allowing it to fill the screen.

This is not an exhaustive explanation of all the processes and methods I use to create fractal images, but I hope it has given you a little insight into what goes on 'behind the scenes'. If you have questions or would like to hear more on this subject, please drop me an email.