This is a set of Fraxflame parameters that I put together for people to work with. None of the images here are "finished images", however a number of them are previous versions or otherwise similar images to those that appear in my galleries. For example, Pre-Phoenix is the shape I originally started with when I created Phoenix, Aurora's Fan, Eagles, and Hyaline Spaces, and many more images were created out of those images in turn.

When I first started working with Fraxflame, I found it took a long time for a decent shape to pop up out of the randomness. After a while I built up a "library" of interesting shapes, and things started to go much faster. I've picked these shapes out of my library of unfinished images in the hopes that they will help other people get a jumpstart on Fraxflame.

These parameters are released without restrictions. You may use them in any way as they are, or modify them. If you make something interesting from them, I'd love to see the results, though.

Click on the small images to see a 400x300 rendering of the flame.

To use this file, you need either KPT5 or KPT Collection. These parameters will work with both Fraxflame I and Fraxflame II, on MacOS or Windows. Unzip the file, and put it in the appropriate KPT plug-ins folder.

Mac OS9/Photoshop 6.0:
Macintosh HD:Applications (Mac OS 9):Adobe Photoshop 6.0:Plug-Ins:KPT5:Presets:Fraxflame

MacOSX/Photoshop 7:
Macintosh HD:Applications:KPT Collection:KPT Collection:Contents:MacOS:presets:FraxFlameII

With KPT Collection, you will need to control-click on the KPT Collection file and do a "show package contents" to get access to the presets directory.

Download parameter set (448K)