Fractal Resources

Fractal Art Basics

This is a brief graphical explanation I wrote several years ago for a friend who is an artist but knew only the basics about computers and nothing about fractals.

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: The Mandelbrot and Julia Sets
Part 3: Colouring Methods
Part 4: Ultra Fractal vs. Fraxplorer
Part 5: Fraxflame

Downloadable Parameters

Note: All the downloadable parameters and the images contained within are in the public domain. They may be used for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial.

24 Fraxflame Parameters

Note: some of these parameters were made with earlier versions of Apophysis and may not render correctly in Apophysis 2.02 and up.

51 Apophysis Parameters (created in Apophysis 2.01)

50 Apophysis Parameters (created in Apophysis 2.01)

6 Apophysis Parameters (including Heat Wave and Molten Core) (created in Apophysis 2.02)

Pre-rendered, unmarked, uncompressed versions of these images are available for download as well:
Heat Wave - 2800x2100 pixels, PNG format, 6.6MB
Molten Core - 2800x2100 pixels, PNG format, 7.4MB

Downloadable Gradients

100 gradients for Ultra Fractal and Apophysis

100 gradients for Ultra Fractal and Apophysis

Apophysis Scripts

4 Scripts for Apophysis (version 2.02 and before) by Kid_Fisto

4 Scripts for Apophysis (version 2.03) by Kid_Fisto

Ultra Fractal Image Breakdowns

Breakdowns of some Ultra Fractal images into individual layers

Fractal Resources Around the Web

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Wikipedia on Fractals All about fractals
Ultra Fractal An excellent fractal generator for Windows
Parkenet's Ultra Fractal Resource Page Formulas and Parameters, Tutorials and a plethora of other useful information
Apophysis A very excellent and free fractal flame generator for Windows
Chaoscope Free 3D strange attractors rendering software for Windows
Fractint Homepage A free fractal generator available for many computer platforms
XaoS A fast interactive real-time fractal zoomer and morpher for Windows and Mac OS X
Open Directory: Chaos and Fractals's listing of fractal-related sites
Open Directory: Fractal Art's large listing of fractal art-related sites
Fractal Artists' Web Ring A web ring of fractal art sites
The Infinite Fractal Loop A web ring for fractal sites of all types